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Why not buy LED Lights from a wholesaler

by PolarisLight

Don't buy LED Lights from a Wholesaler!!!!⛔️

Recently we visited an Engineering site that had purchased LED floodlights from his local wholesaler. The light levels in his Site were dreadful and the workers were already complaining, as the brand new LED Lights were providing less than 100 lux

The Maintenance Manager told us that he had purchased the biggest 200w LED floodlights and showed us the packaging below

These brand new 200w LED floodlights were only providing 14,000-lumen output . In comparison, our floodlights provide 28,000-lumen output - DOUBLE OUTPUT

I'm not saying that all Wholesalers will provide you low grade LED lights, but 90% will provide you less than you can get from a LED Light company because their stock items are mainly geared towards cheap domestic fittings.

So next time you are looking to purchase LED Lights for a Commercial or Industrial site, then make sure that you verify the specs with an LED Light company so you maximize the value for your company

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