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why Heavy LED High Bays last 100% longer

by PolarisLight
I while back we were invited for a site visit by one of the largest drinks manufacturers in the world. The bottling line was cleaned on a daily basis by a team of 4, but nonetheless, they kept getting remarks on the hygiene checks. Initially, they had worked with the cleaning team to improve their routines, but after a while, it became that they struggled to clean properly because they could not see the dirt properly.
We measured the lux levels at 230lux and agreed to increase this to 1,000lux like in the aerospace industry. We used our newest PS-UFO-MAX (200w) high bays with a 33,000-lumen output and got beyond 1,100 lux
In the past few months after installing the LED lights, they have passed every single hygiene inspection ✅✅✅✅✅
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