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How to gain a 5% Productivity increase

by PolarisLight

Forget LEAN consultants and changes to workflow!
The hands-down best way to increase productivity is by providing the workers with the light that they require to do the job.

Poor lux-levels = Poor productivity
Good lux-levels = Good productivity

Below are real-life case studies:
1) Manufacturing facility
Lux-levels from 500  ➡️900-lux
Productivity = +7.7%

2) Packaging facility
Lux-levels from 350 ➡️2,000-lux
Productivity = +3.8%

3) Factory Hall
Lux-levels from 450 ➡️800-lux
Productivity = +5.5%

4) Office
Lux-levels from 200 ➡️500-lux
Productivity = +6.0%

Apart from higher productivity, we also noted two other significant results:
✅Less errors/returns
✅Lower absenteeism

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